Privacy Policy


Verbena Systems is committed to maintaining high ethical standards in all of it's operations and functions and, therefore, we take the issue of privacy very seriously, including user interactions at this web site.

As is normal and necessary when a user interacts with a website and server; some statistical data is automatically generated about the nature of the userís visit to the site, including such things as:

  • Standard machine identity details,

  • IP address

  • date and time of the visit,

  • the path taken to the site (eg: through a search engine or link at another site),

  • pages accessed,

  • route taken through the site,

  • searches performed, and 

  • documents downloaded. etc

This information may be used by Verbena Systems only to analyse the effectiveness of the web site to improve its usefulness and service. Verbena Systems does not store this information nor distribute the information externally.

Verbena Systems does not collect any unnecessary information,  without the userís knowledge or consent, nor collect any personal information without the userís knowledge and consent.

When a user provides information, such as by making a purchase, submitting an enquiry or request, Verbena Systems,

  • Stores such information for only as long as is necessary to complete the user's request for information, goods or services.

  • Stores the information as securely as reasonably possible

  • Does not allow access to this information by external parties without the userís knowledge or consent, or unless required by law (for example, if the information were to become subject to a warrant or subpoena).