An Overview of the Requirement For

Structured Safety Management Systems

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Managing the Obligations imposed on employers and minimising exposure to prosecutions under Workplace Health and Safety Legislation  is now a very significant issue for every business manager.

Like the great majority of employers you probably already put considerable effort into making your workplace as safe as possible. So why do you need to implement a Safety Management System?

In the real world, regardless of the effort put into Workplace Safety, serious accidents & incidents do unfortunately still occur. Current compensation claims statistics suggest that the number of workplace related serious injuries will exceed 140000 this year with possibly more than 150 deaths.

See The Statistics for 05 / 06

Should an accident or incident occur at or related to your workplace, resulting in injury, illness or death, then the company itís CEO/Owner & Management are by definition, in breach of

Section 28 of the Qld Act.

This and other sections of the Act place everyone from the CEO of the organisation down to the lowest ranked supervisor on the job, at immediate risk of prosecution under the Act.

The Penalties Are Severe

The burden is now placed on the employer, to demonstrate that all possible steps had been taken to identify and control or eliminate all hazards and risks associated with the work being performed and that the accident or incident was the result of some other event, circumstance, action or omission, that was not reasonably foreseeable.


To achieve this you will need to produce formal documentation and records of things such as hazard identification, risk assessments, communication of information, allocation of responsibilities, identification of training requirements etc etc etc.

In other words, your Workplace Health & Safety Management System!

Once considered a complex, time consuming and expensive exercise, the Verbena WH&S Risk Management System now makes it Simple, Quick and Very Affordable.

The question now is not:
Can your business afford to implement a proper Risk  Management System?

But rather:

Can you afford not to?