Features & Benefits of the Verbena Systems

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The VERBENA Workplace Health & Safety Management Programs provide a practical, no nonsense approach to managing you company's Safety Obligations.

The Systems are formally structured, auditable and specifically referenced and linked to the Legislation. This makes them relevant to literally any organisation regardless of size, type of industry or activity.  

Their formal structure means that they can be used as a stand alone Safety Management System or easily merged into or annexed to any Quality Assurance System that you may have.

Explanatory and reference information, from the relevant sections of Legislation or Codes of Practice etc, is hyper-linked to each element of the systems so as to explain the reasons for the element and enable you to decide whether or not a particular element is relevant to your business & needs to be addressed.


Some of the Elements Addressed in the Systems:

Access Restrictions

Managing Asbestos Materials in the Workplace

Assigning Responsibilities

Organisational Requirements for OH&S Training

Communication of Emergency Information

Purchasing New Plant, Materials or Substances

Consultation in the Workplace

Records of Worker Competencies & Training

Developing Policies & Procedures

Registrable Plant

Distribution of Safety and Legislative Information

Reporting Defective Equipment

Documented Safe-Work Procedures

Risk Assessment & Control

Emergency Procedures & Strategies

Safety Committees

Environmental Monitoring of the Workplace

Selection & Evaluation of Sub-Contractors

First-Aid Facilities

Selection, Provision & Use of PPE

Handling, Storage & Use of Hazardous Substances

Storage of Materials

Hazard Controls for Off-Site Work


Health Surveillance

Testing of Electrical Equipment

Identifying & Reporting Hazards


Induction Training

Waste Management

Injuries & Incidents

WH&S Signage Arrangements

Isolation Procedures

Work Permits

Issue Resolution

Workplace Facilities & Amenities

Licences Competencies & Training

Workplace Health & Safety Officers

Maintenance of Plant & Equipment

Workplace Inspections

Some of the System Features & Inclusions

  • Fully explains all the issues & requirements

  • Addresses all aspects of Safety Management

  • Includes Company Procedures  Manual  (Except Small Business Version)

  • Includes Emergency Procedures Manual

  • Includes Policy Statements  (i.e. Safety - Drugs - Sexual Harassment - Environment. etc)

  • Includes over 60 editable Form Templates covering the A to Z of Safety Management

    • ( from assessments to Inductions to work Method Statements)

  • Store copies of completed Forms internally (except Small Business Version)

  • Carry Out Risk Assessments & Reviews

    • (Choose from simple or detailed documents to suit your work environment)

  • Develop your Safe-Work Procedures (Simple or Detailed)

  • Store copies of completed documents internally

  • Assess & Manage Hazardous Substances

  • Maintain a digital Hazardous Substance Register

  • Store your MSDSs internally with menu access

  • Store Photos of Incidents & Events internally

  • Also includes a very comprehensive Reference Library

  • And More!

Any documented procedures, forms, templates etc that you may have already developed for your organisation need not be wasted as they may be saved directly into the system to replace an existing template.

What you will not find in the Verbena Systems!

  • Unrealistic claims

  • Unnecessary Hype

  • Unintelligible jargon

  • Expensive consultant driven presentations & seminars

  • Imaginary & meaningless awards & accreditations

  • (All designed to be of greater benefit to your Consultant's bottom line than to your's)

Just practical common sense solutions and guidance, &

If you do need assistance, we can help with that as well!

These systems make it easy for you to develop a comprehensive and auditable Safety Management System that suits your business, to effectively  ensure compliance, demonstrate "Due Diligence"  and minimise your exposure.

These packages have been designed for easy in-house development, requiring no special skills or knowledge.
However, if preferred Verbena Systems can provide a range of support services, from simple tuition in the use of the packages, up to and including complete development, installation and ongoing maintenance of your system and procedures.