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The Verbena Safety Management Systems provide sensible & affordable solutions to assist you in managing your company's safety obligations and achieving legislative compliance to help protect your business and it's management.

At Verbena Systems we believe that simple solutions always produce better results. OH&S is a very important issue entrenched in legislation, with severe penalties for non compliance! However managing safety compliance in the workplace need not be a significant impost on your business.

A sensible & practical Safety Management System, driven from the top down should very quickly become an accepted part of the culture of your business with no negative impact on costs.

Our Systems will guide you right through the entire process and provide you all of the necessary tools & templates you need to implement a Safety Management System that you can live with.


Our methodology is simple,

1: Administration:

Guide you through the Legislation so you can  identify which sections impact on your business &

Select & develop workable policies & procedures using the included templates to address these issues in consultation with your staff

Implement the documentation & records procedures with your staff &

Assign responsibilities & accountabilities

2: Workplace:

Identify & document the potential hazards & risks

Assess the risks & decide on appropriate course of action to,

Eliminate the hazards & risks or implement & document the appropriate control measures

Develop & document your Safe-Work procedures and train your staff.

Schedule on-going consultation, evaluation, training & assessment

3: Then

Get on with the job of Running Your Business

If you need assistance, we can help with that too!

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