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System Development & Implementation:

Although the Verbena Safety Management Systems are designed for easy in house development, many businesses find it difficult to provide the necessary staff resources and time to properly develop & implement their systems. For this reason we provide a complete range of services to assist in this area, from simple advice & consultation to complete development, implementation and on-going  maintenance & updating of systems, procedures & policies.

Procedures Development:

The provision of safe systems of work is a primary obligation of all employers! Risk assessments / job safety analysis must be carried out for all tasks performed in the workplace. Where hazards are identified relating to a particular task or process that cannot be eliminated then a documented Safe-Work procedure should be developed and implemented and training provided for that task. Verbena Systems can help you carry out and document your risk assessments & control processes, then develop and document your work procedures & training materials for your staff as simply as possible.

General Safety Compliance Advice:

If you are unsure of your safety compliance obligations or just need some sensible plain English advice, then contact us and arrange a meeting at your workplace

"WHSO" Services for Smaller Businesses:

All workplaces are expected to have access to competent safety personnel that are able to provide sound advice to the business. The most common solution is to have a trained and accredited Safety Officer (WHSO) and for many businesses this is a mandatory requirement. For most smaller businesses however, to employ a full time WHSO would simply not be financially viable. Verbena Systems are able to supply qualified safety officers on a scheduled visit basis (and available as required) to assist you in meeting your obligations.